Kylie’s Progress

Thank you so much for your love and support everyone, it means so much.

To read more about Kylie’s journey to recovery click the following links :

Kylie’s Progress 2012

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Kylie has been diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL.)  ALL is a form of Leukemia characterized by excess Lymphoblasts.  Lymphoblasts are immature cells which typically differentiate to form mature lymphocytes.  Lymphocytes are found in bone marrow but in Kylie’s case these lymphoblasts multiply uncontrollably and are found in large numbers in the surrounding blood.

Kylie has started receiving treatment for ALL, a process that could take up to 30 months to complete.  Chemotherapy started on April 22 with an introduction of various drugs prepping her body for the more evasive drugs to follow.

Kylie was  also diagnosed as being CNS+.  CNS+ refers to the Leukemia invading her Central Nervous System. While this presents new challenges and requires a more aggressive approach; the prognosis for a full recovery is still positive.  Over the coming weeks Kylie will receive 10 different drugs of varying dosages and intervals.

This is Kylie on April 24th, she is currently receiving treatment at McMaster Children’s Hospital  in Hamilton.  Her Mom and Dad are staying at the Ronald McDonald house so they can be with Kylie at all times.



58 thoughts on “Kylie’s Progress

  1. I spent April 24 at McMaster with Kylie, Chris, Brooke and Cam. She is such a strong determined little girl. I don’t think I would be able to show the strength she is showing. We know she’s in pain but she still has a smile on her face at just the right time. Her chemo started in earnest yesterday which is a good start to the Leukemia defeating process. Stay strong Kylie; there are lots of people out there who love you and can’t wait to see you beat this terrible disease. Thank you to everybody for what you’ve done to support my brother and sister. A kind word of support means just as much as any financial support you can provide. If you are unable to support financially; please know that your prayers, thoughts and words are just as appreciated as your financial support. This is going to be a long process but I know Kylie is strong enough to beat this with all the support she has behind her. Thank you to Tanja and her amazing supportive friends for all they are doing – words will never be able to express our families gratitude.

    • Good afternoon Kylie, Mom, Dad, Gramma Pat and Grampa Gary:

      It was nice to read your update. The sun is shining on you and may God continue His blessing on Kylie with her healing path. I do think of you often Brooke especially when thoughts of mom go thru my mind. I know I have said before but I believe the in “angels” healing powers and of course Susan is Brooke’s and will be with her always. Angels among us is a belief I hold close to my heart.
      Hope to talk to you again before Christmas. God bless.

  2. We are thinking and praying for the three of you. I am so glad that this website has been set up as now I understand what our little Kylie is going through and will for some time. You are all on our minds continuously. Love Aunt Kay & Uncle Don.

  3. Wow! My heart goes out to you, Kylie & the rest of your family. I can’t even imagine how I would cope if one of my children had a diagnoses like Kylie’s! I know how hard it was when my son was 9 months old until about 6 years old suffering from asthma attacks. We were regulars in the local emergency department (average of 5-6 visits a month and during a bad episode we could be in there as much as 4 times in 18 hours.) All the nurses knew us by name, those nurses made all the difference! Even though he could hardly breathe he would always smile and charm the nurses and they spoiled him with cookies, popsicles, juice, etc. Watching him go through this was heart wrenching, I always stayed strong infront of him so he wouldn’t be even more scared then he was but there were times I would just break down thinking, if there is a God, how could he watch a small child suffer like this! It’s terrible for anyone to be diagnosed with cancer/lukemia but wheni t’s a child, it’s absolutely gut-wrenching! I know how hard it was to watch my son suffer the way he did. There was even one time when he was about 5 and we were just settling into bed after a trip to emerge and he told me he was scared because he thought he was going to die. Talk about the worst feeling a mother could ever experience! My situation is different than yours but as a mother I can relate on some level. It breaks my heart knowing the journey that is set out before you, Kylie and your family! The main thing I learned with my son is that you always stay positive, especially in front of them because if you show the you’re not scared, they won’t be as scared but also, at the same time, sometimes you need to break down. Just put on a front for her that shows her that everythings going to be fine! Also I hope you have nurses like the ones we dealt with, they made all the difference! Eventhough my little man was hooked up to oxygen having a Ventolin treatment, those nurses could get him laughing and you could see that it took a weight off his shoulders! I wish you all the luck in the world on your journey and no matter what remember the good prognosis!

  4. I am a friend of Jennifer’s sister and was touched by Kylie’s story. I am praying for you and especially for Kylie. I can’t WAIT to read the post that will say ” Kylie is 100% healthy!!!!” It will be a glorious day! May God give you all strength to see this thorough and bless Kylie. :)

  5. Dear Cameron. I want to apologize for not mentioning you in our comment above. I know that you love your little sister very much and are praying for her. Give her a hug for me if you can. Love
    Aunt Kay & Uncle Don

  6. It breaks my heart that Kylie and her family are going through this. Please know that we are thinking of you and I am sending all my positive thoughts, strength and support to you.

  7. I heard of your story through a friend and it just breaks my heart. You have the prayers of myself and my family. Be strong for your beautiful girl and know that people you do not even know are praying for Kylie and her recovery. All the best!

  8. Thoughts and prayers go out to you! I cannot imagine what you as a family must be going through but I have a niece this age and I got a lump in my throat just reading Kylie’s story. Have faith, you will get through this.


  9. I just wanted to take this opportunity to give a quick update on Kylie and to also let everyone know how much we appreciate the love and support we are getting. Kylie has started her chemo and is now on day 3 of her more intensive chemotherapy. She had a lumbar puncture today to try and treat the leukemia in her spine. It requires her to be put under sedation and causes additional mood swings in addition to some of the other medication she is taking. She continues to do physio and is doing quite well. We hope that she continues to continue building up strength and can’t wait for the day where she can walk on her own. She is taking steps but we have to hold her under the arms for balance. We will continue to try and give updates as they happen. Thank you again for everyone’s support. It means the world to our family,

  10. Junior (aka Chris) and Brooke, Be strong for your sweet Kylie. Kylie and your family will be our thoughts and prayers. We know that Kylie will be strong and win this battle. Just know that you have loving friends and family that are here for you to help you guys any time.

    The Piggies

  11. Hi Junior, Brooke, Cameron and sweet little Kylie. We cannot imagine what your family is going through in such a difficult time. Please know that our thoughts are with during this journey. With all of the love and support from family and friends Kylie has a bright future.

  12. I love to see when my sister is happy and when she’s not we just have to give her our love and support to show that we care. When she is hurting she can tell Brooke or dad so that they know. Also kylie is so smart that comes to her advantge.

  13. You are such an amazing little man Cam – I know you’re doing everything you can to help Kylie (and your Dad and Brooke). All three are very lucky to have you. We miss having you guys right next door: Jimmy loved watching you guys play hockey! Next time you see your sister give her a hug from us.

  14. I know someone who had the same Leukemia as Kylie. It’s so heart breaking to see such a little body endure so much. I am going to pray for this wonderful little girl every day in hopes that God can wrap his arms around her, and make her better again! Xo’s

  15. My thoughts and heart are with all of you. As it’s been said previously, I can’t wait for the day to read the post that says, “Kylie is 100% healthy!”. Sending much love and keeping all thoughts positive. <3

  16. Our family wishes Kylie and her family all the best, God’s strength will help endure the days to come…you all have an amazing family that rally to those suffering whether family, friend, acquaintance or stranger..I have received alot of support from the CHFB family, Cameron it was a pleasure to attend your Garage Sale for Kylie…you are an amazing big brother…and you can see the strength your family gathers from each other….stay strong and you are all in our thoughts and prayers

  17. My thoughts and prayers are with you all and little Kylie!Best wishes and good luck with everything hugssssssssssss

  18. Spent Sunday afternoon with Kylie, Brooke and Chris. Kylie is such a strong little girl. You simply cannot grasp the strength she has until you see her and see what she has to go through every day. Her life revolves around a hospital bed, nurses, IV and medicine yet she can look at you and smile at just the right time. You can see the pain when you look at her but you can also see the fight in her little eyes when she looks at you. Cancer has met its match with this brave little girl. Please remember to keep Kylie, Chris, Brooke and Cam in your thoughts and prayers.

  19. Im a friend of Tanja’s. just wanted to say that i am thinking of your family and sending positive vibes to this courageous family and little girl.

  20. C – courageous
    A – an inspiration to others
    M – mindful of others
    E – extra ordinary
    R – responsible
    O – outstanding
    N – nice

    Cameron I so enjoyed talking with you last week…
    Can you fill in the blanks for Kylie?

    K –
    Y –
    L –
    I –
    E –

    (((BIG HUGS))) for all of you!!!

  21. I read this store on facebook and as a mother of a young daughter I’m praying for you. I could never imagine going through such a thing. Your family and that presicous little girl of yours is in my prayers.

  22. A parent’s worst fear..I have a four year old and 3 year old boy. Almost lost my youngest to croup when he was 8 months old and now he gets it at least 3 times a year and scares me now every time. It does not compare to what Kylie is going through. But it sounds like she is very strong. My family and I are praying for a quick recovery for her. She has a great brother and family by her side. She will be in our thoughts. We have been to McMaster twice for our son for Allergy and for Ear, Nose, Throat and they have been really great with our son. She is in good hands.

  23. Cam your such a great big brother and im there for you if you ever need a friend!!! (:
    I wish you all the best and stay strong Kylie!

  24. God Bless all of you. All small positives are a great things. As hard as it maybe look at the glass half full each day. Prayers for Kylie, Cameron, Mom and Dad and Grampa Gary. While be in touch with you Gary in a week or two. Warm regards, Beverly

  25. I am in your brothers class and we are all SSOO sad that you got cancer. We are all have fath in you and I know you are a strong little girl you can fight this I konw you can!!!!!

  26. Dear Brooke, Chris and Gary:
    Sorry your sweet girl is having to struggle and endure so much. Having a small bright light of good news will keep you stronger. I pray and believe she will beat this horrid disease. Keep the faith and again I am praying everyday. Talk to you soon Gary, call anytime.

  27. You guys were such an inspiration to us when we had our baby girl in the hospital for burns. We met you in the playroom and she was just the sweetest thing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you :)

  28. Chris and Brooke and Cameron and Kylie thoughts and prayers for all of you. We think of you and pray for all of you daily. love Aunt Ellen and Uncle Joe.

  29. Many thanks to the Waterloo Region Record, Vanessa Wheeler and Brook and Chris for sharing your story today. Thank you Johanna Weidner for writing such a thoughtful, caring and supportive article. We continue to trust for a miracle in Kylie’s life.

  30. Thanks to everyone for your continued love and support!! Your messages, and words of encouragement mean so much to our family!

  31. Thoughts and prayers going her way …They are sent straight to god ears for a speedy recovery.God bless this little Angel .xoxo
    The Marks Family

  32. Your amazing strength and the enormous amount of courage shown is immeasureable in the difficult path you are travelling. I find it is a feat many could not handle but your family has done so without missing a beat. My prayers are with you. May God give you all you need to support your brave little girl.

  33. Dear Brooke and family:
    I am so overwhelmed at your continuous updates thru the month of December. Kylie does have the most amazing angel with her at all times, that is her Gramma Sue. So happy to hear that everyone was over on Christmas eve to share in a warm family time. The spirit of Christmas is of course a miracle to behold and it is shared and given to so many. The blessings of Jesus thru Christmas can give untold love and kindness when it is needed the most. I continue to pray for all of you. Your mother and I were friends for so long and I miss her too in my way. God bless all of you and a very happy and healthy New Year will be there for you and yours.

  34. What a wonderful Christmas Miracle. Brooke, Chris and Cam you continue to “keep on” with your desire to help Kylie as you do, it is this love, support and prayers that continue to keep her strong. Bless you! I believe that this will be an amazing year!

  35. We too are just so thankful for your Christmas Miracle. I am sure that Kylie draws her strength from her family and also her gramma Sue. Love all of you so much and send prayers everyday.

  36. We keep you all in our thoughts and prayers all of you including Pat our an inspirationto all of Uncle Joe and Aunt Ellen.

  37. Chris Brooke Cameron and Kylie stay strong. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of Uncle Joe and Aunt Ellen.

  38. Happy to hear you are all home again. Be strong as all the blessing of heaven are with you. Your family is an amazing example of courage.

  39. The not knowing can be unbearable. No matter what we deal with in life that is painful or troublesome the anxiety of the unknown is a tiresome and difficult way to live. I can only say that the prays and faith of all those who support you are unwaveing. Kylie has her own personal ‘Angel’ Gramma Sue (mom) as she watches over all of you each and every minute. You have mother-in-law and loving father each who help lovingly in their own ways. Continue to count these blessings and remember keep the faith. Initially you were told a 3 yrs battle and you have won 1/3 thus far.
    Love Beverly

  40. Dear Brooke:
    Since I spoke to you in mid April it seems Kylie sounds to be a little more stable. I am very happy for your positive milestone. Your picture with her in her coat and hat at the park it heart warming. It makes you smile as she looks so darling. I know that you will begin to have many many more of these days. With prayers and love,

  41. Dear Brooke and family:
    Turkey Point visit. We also spend a lot of time in Turkey Point. The water and wind are soothing. Hoping and praying for continual positive signs for Kylie each and every day.

  42. Dear Brooke and family:
    Sorry that Kylie had this enormous upset. I am glad to hear she has recouped from this episode. She looks so beautiful in her pink dress. What a princess. May God keep you all in his arms until your battle is won.
    My prayers are with all of you.

  43. Beverly Martin says:
    November 20, 2013 at 12:27 pm
    Good afternoon Kylie, Mom, Dad, Gramma Pat and Grampa Gary:

    It was nice to read your update. The sun is shining on you and may God continue His blessing on Kylie with her healing path. I do think of you often Brooke especially when thoughts of mom go thru my mind. I know I have said before but I believe the in “angels” healing powers and of course Susan is Brooke’s and will be with her always. Angels among us is a belief I hold close to my heart.
    Hope to talk to you again before Christmas. God bless.

  44. Dear Brooke and family: You are truly right to count your own blessings when the other two families are running out of time. No one could imagine what they are going thru. May this new stressful time soon be smoothed over and another new healthy page begin for Kylie.
    You are in my prayers.


  45. I read your update today. Your family has been through so very much. God Bless Granma Pat — you are an angel on earth. Lots of Love and Prayers.
    Aunt Kay & Uncle Don

  46. Chris, Brooke and Family: You are often in my thoughts as you go through this journey with Kylie. While I can’t imagine the obstacles you continue to face, and the toll it must take physically and emotionally, I admire the strength I hear in your updates of the two of you and your beautiful little girl. So happy to hear you had a wonderful Christmas at home, and wishing all of you nothing but the very best for the New Year! Cassy

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